logo-ibgIBGroup started business in Athens from 2002. During these years of business operations we have grown from one location to fifty locations. We are also recognized as one of the most trusted and well-known business organization in the local community.

The group consists of following eight different businesses which offers diversified products and services:

• Tours and Travel
• Money Transfer Services
• Smartphones, Tablets & Accessories
• Computer Services
• Video Club
• Gift Centre
• Satellite Service
• Asian Foods and Grocery

Our motto and service helped us to become popular and consider as faster, reliable, convenient and consistent in providing these services. We have personal contact and relationship with all of clients through our well knitted network of formal and informal representatives throughout the target region.

Our Network:

We are one of the leading distributors in Asian edible products. We have well knitted network in Asian community and through our services and our sales team we provide door to door awareness of our products and deliver them the same.
We approach all over the Greece mainly in islands and villages through our delivery vehicles in order to distribute the products on daily basis. More then 200 small markets are connected with our network, which are buying different kind of products from us.


We have a well trained, highly skilled and motivated team of personnel for running this business and to promote our products in the market through different kinds of promotional sources like brochures, flyers and magazines.
Moreover we have our own newspapers and TV channel. Company operates with a permanent staff of fifty two personnel. The company operates dynamically with an intention of increasing its staff and agents whenever and wherever needed.
Except our community we are well know in Greek market also.